Land of Roses and Nightingales

Seven Adventures of a Persian Girl

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Women from ancient folktales emerge as role models for women and girls today in a new book, Land of Roses and Nightingales: Seven Adventures of a Persian Girl.

The seven adventures make the book, along with a literary analysis and insightful conclusion.  Readers young and mature will find these tales inspiring, stirring and motivating.

120 pages | Hardbound & eBook | Publication date: August, 2018 | Translated by Nooshie Motaref, PhD | Illustrations by David E. S. Anderson Book design by Richard G. Wamer, JR | Art Direction by Donn Poll

ISBN: 978-1-7320677-3-8 | Published by A3D Impressions, a division of Awareness 3D, LLC

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Tapestries of the Heart

The Award Winning Novel Available NOW!

This authentic and powerful novel explores the ever-changing effects of religion and politics in Iranian society, told through the lives of four generations of Persian women, inspired by the author’s personal experiences.

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