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Nooshie Motaref, Ph.D.                                                                – author, speaker, thought leader

Nooshie Motaref

When Nooshie Motaref fled her native Iran more than 30 years ago, it was to keep something that has been dear to her, her mother and her grandmother before her: freedom. She was a professor in Tehran when she was told she must cover her head as the Islamic revolution was stifling freedom across the country.

“I never learned to cover my head; my mother never did; my grandmother never did, so it was like a slap in the face,” she says. She left the country.

Nooshie, the author of the award-winning novel, Tapestries of the Heart, and now Land of Roses and Nightingales has gone through many challenging life experiences unlike many women from the Middle East.

Nooshie grew up in a family of strong women… and men. Her father owned a newspaper in Tehran. She was encouraged to pursue education and to make her own decision about marriage.

She grew up in Persia and studied in Iran, Germany, Switzerland and United States. She received her master’s and doctorate degrees in American Literature and Folklore from Florida State University. Her dissertation is a proof of Carl Jung’s theory, the “Collective Unconscious,” through Persian fairytales and folktales.

She taught university courses on humanities, literature and critical thinking.  In addition, she is certified by the Conflict Resolution Program Act to promote peacemaking efforts worldwide.

In March of 2014, she presented one of her articles, “Women and Islam,” at a conference, Women, and Education at Oxford University, Oxford, England.

This year the Philanthropic Educational Organization, Chapter CV of Arizona, has awarded Nooshie the International Peace Scholarship to provide funds for international women to pursue graduate study in the United States or Canada.

She frequently gives speeches on several subjects related to her birthplace including its culture, traditions, and religion. Her purpose is to familiarize Western audiences with the Iranian background and ethnicity of this society.

Some Topics of her lectures: Islam and Sufism in Iran ◇  Women and Islam  ◇  Middle Eastern Philosophy.

Tapestries of the Heart: Four Women, Four Persian Generations, published in 2015, is a work of autobiographical fiction that connects narratives of four generations of Iranian women, which reflects the story of hers, her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

The novel depicts the effects of religion and politics–ever changing in Iranian society.

Throughout the generations, these women lived, loved, and fought for what they believed in. Though it was a struggle, they battled and endured when the odds were almost completely against them.

Land of Roses and Nightingales: Seven Adventures of a Persian Girl, soon to be released by A3D Impressions, is a collection of 500 BC stories in which the readers live vicariously through a Persian girl who reincarnates at different times during the history of Persia and faces adversity in each of her lives. Through the protagonist’s journey, these fables teach us that the world consists of conflicts—morality and corruption; material and spiritual; beauty and ugliness.

Through seven different reincarnations throughout history, the Persian girl encounters two opposite forces—Good and Evil. She learns that sometimes it is impossible for good to win over evil right away. However, she never loses her convictions.

Nooshie welcomes your connecting – email her at nooshie@msn.com