The Mysteries and Wonder of Life are Confronted When Confronting the Abyss

Seems there are many an abyss to be confronted these days: the abyss of ideological and cultural differences, grappling with the implications of the vast amount of diversity in life and societies around the world, the chasm between rich and poor, the educated and those without access to a quality education…so many of the challenges of life can seem so overwhelming.  At times, even diving into the depths of self-knowing and becoming can be as daunting as scanning the abysmal depths of the sea!

We are always in need of guidance.  Fairytales and storytelling have consistently been there to serve that guidance.  Humans from earliest records of cave paintings have been documenting their journeys through story and folk tales.

In Persia, amazingly, in 500 B.C., among the fairytales and folktales, emerged seven stories that speak especially to the journey into womanhood.  These stories follow the adventures of a Persian girl who is reincarnated throughout time, to confront what for some, could be archetypal and abysmal conundrums to be solved.  Her resolutions are not only instructive to young women today, finding their voice and place of contribution to society, but they elevated the role of women in culture and life at a time in history and in a culture that may surprise us.

Enjoy these new stories I have translated for our contemporary times.  May they lift your heart beyond any abyss and be a small piece of guidance to your own infinite journey of becoming!

Land of Roses and Nightingales: Seven Adventures of a Persian Girl, published by A3Dimpressions a division of Awareness3D, LLC     More information Here!

It’s amazing how we can travel into the abyss of a fairytale!  Endless meaning to be found!


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