Most Stories, Our Protagonists’ Greatest Challenge are The Inner Demons

The real journey for the hero or heroine of a story is the inner journey.  Our story is a story of learning who we are through the interactions, challenges, obstacles, and our responses to them that we encounter day to day in life.

More often than not, it is not the external events and characters at play that we must confront and reckon with, but rather our own inner fears and obstacles, that we confront along the path of self-actualization and self-knowledge.

Take up your journey!  Behold yourself with care, love, and self-compassion.  Yet, be courageous in looking inside.  You have a beautiful voice the world needs to hear.

Slay a demon or two, and enjoy your day.

For some added inspiration, look at the journey of this Persian girl through the ages, from a collection of 500 B.C. sourced Persian fairy tales.  ON SALE NOW

The characters of fairy tales, the heroes, are the ones who are able to stand up to Devil!




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