Review of “Tapestries of the Heart” in UK

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Posted on April 8, 2015 by Georgina Lane in At Home, Books

Tapestries of the Heart by Nooshie Motaref

This follows the story of four generations of Persian women over the duration of 100 years. Based on some of Motaref’s experiences the aim of the novel was to educate people on Iran and show a different side, which is otherwise ignored in Western Literature. What Nooshie has created is a wonderful book that is both enlightening and heart breaking.

The book highlights the struggle that Iranian women face on a daily basis, to not only live a fairer way of life and no longer be viewed and treated as third class citizens, but also for the right to an education. The book is beautifully written and Nooshie perfectly captured the confusion of the younger characters as to why it was necessary to do certain things such as covering one’s head, or the anger they received when reading ‘love poetry with dirty words’ It’s easy, living in Western Society to take certain things for granted, and whilst I’m in no way saying that life is completely fair for women yet (we still have a long way to go) we are incredibly lucky to be free to learn.

Tapestries of the Heart certainly fulfilled its objective on educating me to the true side of Iran and it’s relationships and attitudes towards it’s women and it will make you admire the strength and fortitude it must have taken Persian women over the years to stand up and fight for what they so rightfully deserve.

Tapestries of the Heart is published by Clink Street Publishing and is available for the Kindle from (RRP £4.99) The print edition is available in all good bookstores (RRP £8.99)


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