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coverdesign1Authentic and powerful novel explores the ever-changing effects of religion and politics in Iranian society, told through the lives of four generations of Persian women, inspired by the author’s experiences.

“A Persian woman had overcome all odds to leave her country behind. She was flying out of an oppressive dictatorship and into a free world. The ‘Fasten Seat Belts’ sign disappeared with a ding just as Baba’s voice resounded in her ears:

‘Whatever we do, that is our fate and destiny!'”

A nine-year-old girl attracts the attention of a court eunuch, who wants to induct her into the king’s harem. Despite the girl’s tender years, most Iranian families would be thrilled to send their daughters to become concubines of the king, but young Zahra’s devoted mother refuses outright.

Nooshie Motaref reminds us that women have always lived, loved and suffered for what they believe in and that such women, regardless of victimization or persecution have continued to fight, even when the odds have been completely stacked against them.

Tapestries of the Heart by Nooshie Motaref published by Clink Street Publishing, New York, London, RRP $11.99 paperback, RRP 8.40 is available online at retailers including and can be ordered from all good bookstores.

For a review copy or interview request please contact:

Diana Rissetto /646-664-4272/

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