Dr. Nooshie Motaref  ◇  author of Tapestries of the Heart & Land of Roses and Nightingales


Hello, my friends, I am Nooshie Motaref and I would like to welcome you to my new digital life.  On these pages, I will share some of my ongoing story with you, as well as my books and opportunities that arise for us to meet.  It is an exciting venture.

Stories define who we are, they speak to the great mysteries of our commonalities across cultural, national and ethnic differences. Stories inspire me.

Many of you may have read Tapestries of the Heart, my earlier book.  Thank you for being so sweet to enjoy that story of four strong women from my life.

The stories in my latest book to be released soon, a collection of seven Persian folktales featuring women as the protagonist from 500 BC, convinced me that anything is possible if I rely on myself using my mind and my heart as my guides.  The book is titled, Land of Roses and Nightingales.  You will find more information and an opportunity to acquire the book here.

Please, come and pause for a while, read and perhaps share your thoughts in response to my Blog posts.  By all means, keep telling your story.  The world needs you!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


“Hey, my friends, forget morrow sorrows
Today, let’s dance our moments together
Why? Tomorrow, we’ll be uniting
with ones gone Seven Thousand Years”

– Omar Khayyam

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. This is a Wonderful book. I was totally there living Nooshie’s four generations with her. I loved the thought provoking details she brought forth as she was living the intimate details of her own as well as her mother, grandmother and great grandmother’s lives. Thank you for such an enjoyable read.
    Greg Taylor


  2. Recently, I read Nooshie Motaref’s novel, Iran: A Persian Tapestry, about a Persian family living in Iran from 1896-1979.
    I found her book very enlightening because this one family reflected all the political conflicts of the country as it went from a kingdom, then to a secular dictatorship under the Shah, and finally to a religious dictatorship under the ayatollahs.
    Right now this same story seems to be working itself out in other Middle-Eastern countries like Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya.


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